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Jordan Blissett

Licensed in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, & Alabama

It’s a dream many children go to sleep at night wishing, making a career out of a sport which they fell in love. Jordan Blissett made that dream a reality! Growing up in the rural town of Lake Mississippi, chasing any critter that was in season, and fishing during the summer.

After graduating from East Central Community College with an Electrical Degree, and started working at the steel mill. While he was living the shift work life, he never stopped dreaming about working in the hunting industry. Jordan decided to jump in head first and started working as a guide at the famed Giles Island along the Mississippi River. He then continued his career as a field producer at Mossy Oak, and soon after married his wife Jessi.

Jordan had always been a fan of Primos TRUTH About Hunting, and was proud to join the Primos Hunting Family in 2016. All through the years of working in the hunting industry Jordan was deeply involved with a-lot of the land enhancement projects on hunting properties. In 2021 Jordan joined our Open season family as one of our first agents in the company and since has transitioned into a full time real estate agent and land manager. His story is a prime example not following your dreams, but pursuing them.

Jordan has 10+ years experience learning the how to design and set up a to maximum how well a property can be hunted, and what wildlife potential the property can have. Feel free to reach out and talk hunting and land with Jordan, today!


Ph: 601-832-3534

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