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Austin Sills

Managing Broker
Licensed in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Georgia

Austin is a multifaceted individual with a deep passion for both poultry farming and real estate. With an Agricultural Science degree from Mississippi State University, a deep background in agriculture Austin has a keen eye for property. Austin has successfully combined his two skills to create a unique and fulfilling career.

After graduating from MSU, Austin took a job with Sanderson Farms where he was over a large portion of their chicken houses. Austin has spent countless hours overseeing the care, growth, production and all aspects of raising chickens. This experience instilled in him a deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication required to be successful in the poultryindustry.

As Austin grew older, he also discovered a knack for real estate, recognizing the potential for growth and opportunity in the market. He decided to pursue a career in the field, leveraging his knowledge of property and business to help clients find their dream homes and investments.

Today, Austin continues to balance his time between his two passions, seamlessly transitioning from managing over poultry farms tending to assisting clients in buying and selling properties. His unique combination of skills and interests sets him apart in both industries, allowing him to make a positive impact and achieve success in everything he does.


Ph: 601-672-9113

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